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Why is there no option to change UI to allow classic type button control? New control is too spread out and fundamentially useless.

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Why was this ever changed? Why was it changed without asking/polling? Why is it so spread out? Why would it be purposely made, to make it difficult to browse the web? Why would you sabotage your own product?! I am NOT the only person out here asking these same questions! I am NOT a conformist, I do NOT like having something taken from a product I use, I do NOT like not having the option to have it as it was, I do NOT like to search for the basic buttons of navigating, I do NOT like having to move my mouse from one end of the screen to the other, just to stop a page quickly [which cannot happen as it is too darn far away now!!!!] This has been driving me absolutely bat-shit for quiet a while now! There was "add-ons" to restore BASIC FUNCTION to a "ADVANCED" browser!!!! Sometimes upgrades are really downgrades.

QUESTION OF THE DECADE: "Where did my buttons go, and WHY DID YOU TAKE THEM?!" For aesthetics? Screw that, give me FUNCTIONALITY!

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