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Audio player/CdBaby store disappeared from Firefox, but shows in Opera

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Hi All,

I have an account at CDBaby (where you can sell music) and they have embeddable players where it can play a clip (or a full song if set for it) right there in the player, then there are links on the player for someone to by the mp3s, that part takes you to CdBaby for purchase where the actual music file is stored.

The player is set up at CdBaby and the code (which is an iframe with the player maybe a js, but not sure on that) is given to you to put wherever you want.

I have a Wordpress blog and have had zero problems with posting 18 of the small version of the player and 18 of the larger ones with album art over this last month.

They worked just fine and then today I go to add a new song and no players are showing.

The Wordpress theme has not been updated nor has anything else at the blog end of all this.

I have Firefox 33.0.1 and the players didn't show upon reinstalling even without any addons. I now added a few but even disabling them it doesn't help.

BUT they show normally on Opera which I also have on my computer so it doesn't look like it's a firewall issue.

Some Mozilla help page said to check and I ended up going to Adobe and I made sure to download and install the latest JS and that didn't help.

I tried disabling all addons in Firefox and then even started in safe mode and then just went ahead and had it reinstall Firefox where it only saved bookmarks and such, but no addons or settings.

Any ideas what this could be? I'll be getting ready to share my music site soonish and need to know that it will work for most people, but if it's an issue with the latest Firefox I'll wait till it's changed or whatever.

Thanks in advance!

Peace, Steve

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UPDATE! The players still show in Opera, but now the clips don't play. The little circle shows around the play button that usually moves clockwise with the clip until finished now just jumps to the end immediately as if the whole thing played.

Seems as though that's a different issue but maybe that has something to do with it.

Thanks again.

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Could this be a mixed content issue? If you are viewing your site on an HTTPS connection, check for a notification icon in the address bar that looks similar to a shield. iframe's can trigger a block because they are considered "active" content. (This is not new in Firefox 33, however.)

Could you check Firefox's Browser Console for any relevant-sounding error messages or warnings? You can open the console using Ctrl+Shift+j, then click the Clear button at the top. Keeping that window open, switch over to your blog and reload the page. The console typically shows a mix of log data (i.e., URLs loaded), script errors, style warnings, and occasionally a security message.

If you want to post a URL of a page you don't mind making public, you could do that as well.

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Thanks for trying to help here.

It's not https for my site, but some part of how CdBaby serves it looks like it's an https listed in the Browser Console thing you mentioned. I tried what you said to do and I see where it says errors and such but I'm guessing it would actually make sense to you as opposed to me!


This is the site, it's been live, I just haven't shared it as I want to have more songs and it'll link up with an art site before I actually share it and do an official launch, but if you think it would help, here it is...

BTW, I still see the players on Opera and clicking play makes the progress circle jump to the end, but nothing shows on Firefox, so even if they changed something or something happened at their server wouldn't it affect both browsers the same?

Anyway, thanks again, Steve

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On the first load, I didn't see any players. I somehow got a truncated version of the compressed.js compiled.js file from CDBaby, which is their player. When reloading using Ctrl+Shift+r to get fresh files, it worked. But the inconsistency just five minutes apart is troubling...

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Thanks much for the info and checking!

I just went there and at first no players, then I tried reloading with the little address bar arrow recycle thing and no change, but doing the Ctrl+Shift+r made them all show, is there a difference between those two ways?

I have to call CdBaby today anyway, will see what's up on their end and I'll mention it wasn't just me, is there any way it would be a Firefox issue or definitely the serving of the files?

Thanks again, and when I get the site all ready drop me a line through there, I'll send ya a couple free songs.

Peace, Steve

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Adding the Shift key forces Firefox to discard cached files used in the page and retrieve them fresh.

I'm not sure why the cached version of the script was truncated, maybe a momentary glitch on the server or an error in decompressing it?

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Well, at first today everything was fine and when I spoke to CdBaby they said no reports of a problem, but then a while later I saw the same thing.

I did the Ctrl+Shift+r and most of them showed.

Sorry for all the questions, but would you think it's:

1) CdBaby, 2) my website hosting company 3) my installation of Wordpress on my host 4) Firefox and Opera (even though at the same time Firefox showed no players whereas Opera showed them but wouldn't play them) 5) or even something with my ISP?

It figures that this whole time it's been fine and then a couple weeks at most before launch here were are with blank pages.

Anyway, thanks again jscher2000


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Since the iframe is hosted by CDBaby, any problem with the iframe content is between Firefox and their site.

I'm not sure whether there is any way to protect yourself by having your page to check whether the iframe loaded correctly. The reason that's hard is that it's on a different domain, so there is a security block on your site seeing "inside" the iframe.