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Cannot get FF to play MP3 downloads without prompting for app/save every time.

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media.directshow.enabled is set to true. I have many times ticked the box to "do this automatically next time" or whatever it says, and still this often horribly frustrating browser insists on prompting me.

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Regardless of your download preferences, web servers can trigger a download prompt by sending either the Content-Type: application/octet-stream or the Content-Disposition: attachment header. You can check if that's the case by examining the server response headers in the Web Console.

The workarounds are the Force Content-Type and InlineDisposition add-ons, respectively.

The latter requires no configuration. For the former, you can try creating a rule like the following:

  • URL: (.mp3)$ Old Content-Type: application/octet-stream New Content-Type: audio/mpeg