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Since the update to v32 pages will not load in my browser without moving my mouse around the screen! I have already reset firefox. This did not fix the issue.

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the details are pretty much the same as the question. I cannot get any content to load without wiggling my mouse across the page that is trying to load. The busy circle just spins and spins but nothing loads without moving the mouse.

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hello MTKitty, can you try to replicate this behaviour when you launch firefox in safe mode once?

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Tried that and the problem remains.

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hey thanks for reporting back quickly. we had a similar issue a few versions back, however only a tiny subsection of users were affected by it and developers were never able to reproduce the issue reliably.

in order to have a chance of addressing the issue we would need your assistance in narrowing down the timeframe of when the problem first occurred in the development builds of the browser - this can be done by using the mozregression tool, which will look a bit technical at first sight, but we can guide you through the steps. it shouldn't be that difficult, but will require a bit of time:

  • first you'd have to download and install (confirm all setup steps & click close once the process is completed) the the tool from
  • then open windows explorer and navigate to your C:-drive and then the mozilla-build folder. in there you'll find a file named start-l10n.bat - just double-click on that.
  • in the black terminal window that opens, type in:
    easy_install mozregression & hit enter
  • once this process is finished, enter:
    mozregression --good=2014-04-28 --bad=2014-06-10 --bits=32
    into the same window.
  • now the process will automatically download browser builds from the time the error first occurred - just wait until a firefox "nightly" window opens and test if you can reproduce the bug there. then close the browser windows and enter good or bad into the terminal depending on if you got the error this time.
  • this process will continue automatically until the exact date is found when the bug was first introduced into the browser - the window will then display a so called regression window and a pushlog. this is the critical piece of information we'd need, so developers can take over and start fixing what's going wrong... please copy and paste this section into the forum here or make a screenshot of it.
  • you can then close the terminal window and delete the C:\mozilla-build folder again.

thanks again & please feel free to ask if anything is unclear...

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OK I'll try. I cannot even get the file to download without moving my mouse!

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Here is the report

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great, i've relayed that information into the relevant bug report. that would be bug #933733 in case you want to follow along...

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i think the best option at the moment is to use the firefox 31 esr version:

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hello MTKitty, there has been a test build created with a speculative fix in it - would you be willing to help and test if the problem is gone with this build? (unfortunately developers are not able to reproduce the issue themselves, so we are dependent on feedback by affected users):

  1. first as a precaution, please create a backup of your profile: Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles
  2. then download and install this try build of firefox:
    updated link:
  3. then please report back, if you can reproduce the problem by using this test build.

thank you!

Modified by philipp

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Tried using the 31.2.0 ESR version as you suggested and the pages and videos work great now. No hanging up and no need to touch my mouse. Thank you. Don't know if the rest of this info might help you but here is what I had found with my issue:

First I tried disabling other add ons and various other programs I didnt need running, but that never solved the issue. Only the switch to 31.2.0 ESR solved my issue finally, with having to move the mouse to watch videos and view web pages. 

One thing that did work to stop hang ups on videos and page loading (though not a real or permanent solution)... was to open my volume control on the bottom right of my start bar, OR to open the hidden icons box in the same location on that bar. OR open my internet access window that shows all the networks (also in the bottom right of Start toolbar. Not sure why the start bar icons in the bottom right would allow videos to play smoothly again and allow pages to load better? but it did work. Fullscreen mode for videos of course would not work well since you can not see the start bar to open any of the right side icons however.

I switched to Mozilla Firefox from IE and at first didn't have this issue for months and also use Norton 360. I am wondering if Norton 360 might have started the issue? or if the version 32 of firefox just has a hidden flaw somewhere? I cant recall when exactly the problem started, but you might want to try installing Norton 360 on a test machine and see if that is what is causing the hang up issue with the mouse? Not sure if other users that have this problem are using the same antivirus software though. SO I am just guessing since it is the only thing other than newer version of Forefox that I installed when the problems began.

Anyway, thanks for this fix. I can finally stop watching videos while wiggling my mouse or keeping one of my bottom right Start toolbar icons open.