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when I print a page saved on websites (like my shopping basket), only 3 pages print. This happens with ALL sites. Help.

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When I'm on many different web sites and I store things either in my Wish List or in my Basket, I am only able to print 3 pages when what I'm printing is longer.

This is an issue with Mozilla because it does not happen thru IE. Nor is there only 3 pages that are printable.

I try using File/Print Preview ... all pages are visible, yet only 3 pages will print.

This has been a problem ever since I've used Mozilla ... I always apply updates ... I use Windows XP Pro.

Thank you.

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Can you provide the link of the site that you recently tried to print and faced this problem? I'm not having any problems to print longer websites, it prints all the pages.

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Thank you. I can think of only one -- the most recent. I had many items in my bag.

But, this has been an on-going problem with other web sites and sadly, I can't think of them right now. (I have a brain injury).

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Go thru the actions as you stated above. When you are ready, press the Print button, and STOP ! !

Check the preview to make sure everything is there.

Now check the printer settings. Make sure that it is set to print ALL pages. Most printer software has the option to print only selected pages. This may be your problem.

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Thank you for the suggestions but I'm continuing to have the same problem. I simply cannot get the document to print. Only the top of the document appears on page one, page 2 consists of as much of my items as will fit on page 2 and page 3 is the very bottom of the web page.

This is very frustrating ... I checked my printer and that's not the problem. I've had this problem for a long time and never bothered to search out an answer here because I am accustomed to having a direct contact and not a forum. However, Fred, you have been a great help. I don't like IE and Mozilla thus far is easiest for me to work with. I have a brain injury so my head doesn't work as good as it could. I don't know what I'll do.

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I faced the same and submitted a bug, hope someone would fix this!

Bug link:

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Okay, let me ask, the page that does print, is it the right size for the paper? Let's talk about Only page one. Is the top, middle, bottom there? Is any part missing? Is the left and right sides there?

What I want you to try is, as you get ready to print, reduce the size of the print. It may be the image being printed is too large for the printer.

Mahir Chowdhury, you may try this also.

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Page 1 is the right size, what prints is the top of the web page (logos, etc); then the balance of the page is blank and we go to Page 2 where the first item I am purchasing is displayed as well as all items that fit on page 2 (the items that don't fit on page 2 are lost and not printed)... at the top of page 3 are the lines showing the total price, taxes, etc.

There are 12 items in my shopping bag but page 2 only has space for 6 items -- that means, 6 don't get printed.

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Okay, it sounds like the page you are trying to print was divided into sections (top - middle - bottom). Your software should have done this as one image.

I think I know a way to bypass your issue.

Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page {web link} (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for Screenshot

These add-ons can take a snapshot of the current Firefox window and save the image. What you need to look for is a program that can take a picture of the entire window, including the area you can't see.

Take the snapshot, save it to your desktop (or wherever). You can then look at it with a viewer, or print it as is.

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Printed correctly

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Mahir What worked for you?

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Well, thank you for this option but ... I considered Snapshots but I am looking for a cleaner, simpler way. Snapshots take a lot of adjusting of the page in order to get the full image on paper. Snapshots are something to fall back on but I would think Mozilla's aim is not to be a patch work program.

This is the solution I've discovered that better fits my needs: When I am viewing the page I want to print, I first go to "FILE", then to "SAVE PAGE AS, HTML ONLY ... " Then, I open Explorer, find the document/file I want to open. Right Click on the document/file, select "Open With", then select "Adobe Acrobat 9.3" and that opens my saved list in its entirety into Adobe. Sometimes it takes a long time for the conversation to Adobe but it ultimately converts.

This accomplishes my need but this is not a proper solution. I should not need to go thru all of these steps when "Save Page" should have saved the entire page. Mozilla should find a fix or give details as to what is blocking my ability to print the page.

Thank you, Mahir and Fred, for your assistance. I hope my solution works for those who have run into the same problem. If any of you have further suggestions, I would love to hear them ... and if any of you know when this glitch will be resolved, I would love to learn more about that.

Thank you.

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A bit long, but if it works.

I am going to contact the higher ups and see if this needs a bug report.

Good luck.

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Hello ... yes, these two solutions are longer than they need to be. After all, selecting "print copy" should do it right to begin with. For me, I get a more complete copy when I convert it to pdf.

Fred, thank you for whatever steps you can take to bring this to the attn of the higher ups.

Good bye, All.

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On the Bath & Body Works "cart" page, the problem is that the "Your Shopping Bag" section is contained with a tag that Firefox does not paginate (i.e., anything that doesn't fit within a single page is suppressed). Here's an old thread about that problem: Firefox does not paginate when printing content inside a Fieldset tag!

For other pages, the problem may well be different. There are many combinations of tags and style rules that Firefox handles correctly on screen but does not paginate correctly. In some cases there's an easy workaround, but in others... no.

For the Bath & Body Works "cart" page, you can hack the layout with a tiny script that moves the content in the center of the page out of the fieldset tag into an ordinary div tag. Open the web console below the page by pressing Ctrl+Shift+k and then paste the following script next to the caret (>>) and press Enter to run it. I can only say that it works for me.

var fs=document.querySelector("fieldset#itemSummary"); var divNew = document.createElement("div"); fs.parentNode.insertBefore(divNew, fs); while(fs.children.length>0) divNew.appendChild(fs.children[0]);;""; 

(Note: this is only designed for this one page and probably won't work anywhere else.)