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Feedly Causes Monstrous Memory Leaks

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I've waited for a new release (FF31) to see if it had been fixed but nope the issue is still there. In my Feedly I've kept one specific feed populated just to test this. Whenever I try to read that feed Firefox freezes my entire computer not just the browser. It goes from usually around 500mb to well over 2gb in a matter of seconds.

I've read that addons can affect the browser behavior but even with them disabled the leak still happens.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Anyone have any pointers or a solution? I really don't want to have to switch to Chrome just to read Feedly...

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HI Drouptout Bear, Thank you for your question. I understand that you are having issue with a feedly and memory performance.

Two questions for you: what feed have you created and are you using the addon?  Do the addon and site give you the same experience? 

Thank you!

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what feed have you created and are you using the addon?

I have a news feed, specifically USA Today. It's the only one that causes the memory leak. I'm not sure why.

I was using the addon but it's been broken for a while so I switched to a custom button that links me to the site. With both the leak occurred though.

Thanks for the help.

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So I reset the Feed hoping the leak was just due to a large number of articles but I just tried to read again today with this as the result.

Again, addons enabled or disabled this still occurs. Would creating a new profile help at all? Could this be a cache issue? Is there anything I can do besides just wait it out?

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These were the memory results when I tested this on [about:memory] overall was 665 MB for Firefox on the activity monitor:

───305 (03.63%) -- top(, id=329)

  │    ├──247 (02.94%) -- cached
  │    │  ├──222 (02.64%) -- window(
  │    │  │  ├──219 (02.61%) ── event-listeners
  │    │  │  └────3 (00.04%) ── event-targets
  │    │  └───25 (00.30%) ++ window(about:home)/dom
  │    └───58 (00.69%) ++ active/window(

Does this also happen when you start Firefox with out add ons? (Click on the "3bar" menu and click the question mark then click "Restart with add-ons Disabled") This will help eliminate any interaction with this page as well.

Most of the data was cached data on that page as well, granted this was measured only on start of browsing. It is possible to not enable cache for this page from the about:permissions page or from the Page info menu of the site. After clicking a page in the feed it goes up about 1mb and stays. It may be helpful to check out the about:cache page to see if feedly articles are being cached, (why this would take up memory my theory is that there are a large number of page faults more info on what that is: essentially more ram is used when cached data is accessed- however I am not an expert on this)

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Does this also happen when you start Firefox with out add ons?

Yes, it does. It's specifically the USA Today tab that causes the leak, here's another screenshot with addons disabled. Not as bad as last time but if I continue to read the feed it'll get worse. But when I'm on a page like about:memory it's drastically reduced, screenshot. I'm not sure what's forcing it to fluctuate.

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I am pretty sure this is not nuts, but I had another user test it and they noticed when loading the particular feed url the memory % spikes up 200K, and most likely it has to do with the images that are loading on that page.

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Ok cool, we've seemingly nailed down what the problem is, thanks for that. Is there anything I can do about this though? Should I take this to Feedly for them to deal with or am I just out of luck & have to go read in Chrome?

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I've seen mine go up to 1.3GB with just one tab open and had to shut it down. Once I'm back up--it goes up. Might have to consider an alternative until this is corrected.

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Are you also seeing this in version 32, Beta?