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Since August 2013, Firefox is lagging and using too much PF Usage after 1 hour

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The problem is BACK WITH A FURY with Firefox 30!!!!!!!!!!!! See my original thread that was archived here.....

I put off going to Firefox 30 for quite a few weeks because 29 & 28 before it were working more or less okay with the PF usage and serious BOG DOWN not as much of an issue. Well.....HUGE MISTAKE going to Firefox 30!!!!!!! It's total JUNK! If you are thinking about going to 30.....I say don't do it.

What is the fix for this Firefox? I'd like to post a screen shot of how much memory, CPU, and PF usage Firefox eats up. Can I post a pic of a screen shot?

It's totally ridiculous to use Firefox again currently....I have to "End Task" on Firefox every hour when using it normally for the last 7 days since I went to FF30. Help please....

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My first vital point is: The current Release is the supported version that problems get investigated in. You should by now be on Firefox 31 (Fx31). If you continue to use only outdated versions you will never be in a position to report a bug for fixing or be guaranteed help from Mozilla ( Sumo - ) Staff such as Tyler.

You will have noted comments by Staff Admins about this, and unfortunately to a large extent your problems will be ignored if you continue to solely use old versions.

A second point is: That we will need your assistance in troubleshooting your problem. It is probably naive to expect Mozilla to fix the issue and with it your problem unless it is properly identified and reported.

My suggestions are as follows

  1. Upgrade to the current version Fx31
  2. For comparison and troubleshooting purposes install as an additional browser the unofficial third party Firefox Portable ESR
    From (Fx24.6 esr)
  3. Have a look the through your old thread and any of the outstanding questions please provide answers in this thread.

I for instance asked

  • What are the Page File settings that you use ?
    ( I note you have 2GB RAM )
  • And do you have only one Hard Disk Drive on the computer ?
  • What amount of space is there on the hdd as GB & % ?
  • Have you tried using Firefox but no other application running at the same time. (Bar essentials like windows Explorer)
  • Roughly how many tabs do you normally have open ?
    1 to 5, 10-30, 30-100, >100
  • Do you Hibernate Windows XP ?
  • Can you see from the Task Manager what else is eating into your RAM usage besides Firefox ?
  • (What are the three heaviest users of Memory and the typical amounts ?)

I will tag this as escalate as your last question remained unsolved and was highly viewed and voted

 36 replies, 170 have this problem, 8302 views 

An important aditional question.

  • Do you only notice these issues when page file is in use ?'
  • Can you confirm Firefox behaves normally and as expected whilst the XP computer is not paging ?
    (Even if that is only for the first few minutes of use)

Note to self. May be worth checking out graphics issues this is an XP user.

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Hi mattt, and thank you John99 for the escalation.

I understand your frustration. I also want to thank you for posting back. With the new update there were performance issues addressed. However, it is important to know the details of the specific steps being taken in order to address the performance issues you are experiencing.

Based on the last post: Memory: A report for this can be done currently the Nightly version of Firefox update more often then the stable releases of Firefox. It is on a rapid release cycle.If you are interested in providing a website example this could help create a bug. With the websites, there are have these tools to test the performance of the profile as well: This will test the javascript engine on desktop:

There is also DTrace that can help optimize development on javascript pages The about:memory page can also measure the top page or feature that is consuming the Browser's memory. Just click "measure" and check out the highest number.

CPU Firefox Uses Too Many CPU The driver may need to be updated looking at the troubleshooting info [webglRendererMessage: [u'tryNewerDriver', u'9.6'] ]

Also the Telementary data sent on the browsers can help improve the performance. There are also automated tests done to check performance of different platforms. As John99 mentioned, the more its used, the more reports are sent.

Firefox is getting better with every version. Please post back with the requested information and we can create an actionable bug in Thank you and we look forward to your reply!