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Firefox saves window size wrong using different monitor resolutions

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I run Firefox (v30.0) in Win7 x64 on a laptop. The screen resolution is 1600x900. I have several Firefox windows open. Most windows use a size of about 1100x800. When I end Firefox and restart it (for example after a reboot) the window size and position of all windows are remembered correctly. This is basically all great and correct.

When I connect an external monitor to the laptop and use this environment the screen resolution changes to 1920x1200. I do this normally in the following way: - Hibernate Windows - move to the location where the external monitor is - connect the external monitor - resume Windows

Now Firefox windows stay at the previous screen size of about 1100x800 and that is perfect. When I now end Firefox (because I want to reboot vor whatever reason) and then restart Firefox later all windows still remember correctly the screen size. But when I end Firefox and shutdown the laptop and disconnet it from the external monitor and later start Firefox on the laptop screen with 1600x900 resolution all Firefox windows have suddenly a smaller screen size. All are vertically smaller. It looks like Firefox does not remember the real window size it had used but it remembers how far the lower window bottom was away from the screen edge. Is this true??? Does Firefox only remember the distance from the lower bottom to the screen edge?

The annoying problem is that now I have to manually resize every window to the previous value (about 800 vertically). I see no valid point for this annoying behaviour. Why does Firefox do this?

The only way to avoid this nonsense is to not end Firefox using Exit but to kill the firefox.exe process. Then when I restart Firefox on the laptop screen it remembers the window sizes correctly and I am not forced to resize them manually.

Is this the correct usage then? Do I have to always kill the firefox.exe process to end it to avoid this annoying behaviour? Or is there something I can do that Firefox correctly remebers the window size it used previously?


Regards, Gagome

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I changed my screen resolution to 1440x900 and then to 1280x800 and the windows were exactly 100px smaller. It's because the difference between 900 and 800 is how much it shrinks. Higher resolutions have more pixels, but lower ones don't. So when it is low it has to shrink the window for it to look proportionally the same.

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So, this works as designed?

But why? What is the purpose of this feature?

I surely would like that the Firefox windows stay exactly at the same size regardless of screen resolution (of course, as long as the windows size of Firefox fits on the screen).

Can this be configured in some way?


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It's not a Firefox feature designed to to that. Screen resolutions shrink windows like that in some way. It happened to me, but I don't know how to change that.

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So, it is a bug then?

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Not a bug. It does the same for different programs as well. I opened some windows and changed the resolution to small. Then I did it to big again. It's just the behavior of screen resolutions or somth' like that.

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As far as I know Firefox is the only application on Win7 which does this.

All apps I use behave basically the same: When they are closed they remember the window size and position. When I open them again they are at the same size and position like before. Even if I change the screen resolution. They only change the window size when the screen resolution becomes to small so that the window wouldn't fit on the screen.

Only Firefox does misbehave in my opinion. Because I see no valid reason for this kind of behaviour.

So, you don't have any suggestion what I should do to stop Firefox from doing this? Except when I want to end Firefox always kill the firefox.exe process using someting like Task Manager? And never let Firefox exit gracefully? Surely this does not sound very comforting.