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How 2 synchronize my Bookmarks, not another PC, but between the Admin user and a Standard User, on my same PC?

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Thanks for giving us the Sync function. But, never have I seen any mention of applying this to Sync bokmarks among Windows User Accounts or Mac Profiles. I am running Windows 8 (soon to go to 8.1 Update - - or, maybe, to Windows 7 Professional, if M$ cannot straighten out and fly right with 8.1U) on the HP notebook, and Mac OS X Lion (soon to go up to Mavericks or Yosemite) and I would like to take the good advice and do most of my browsing in the non-admin users instead of the Admins, but ... when I add some Bookmarks in one User, I needto find the new Bookmarks available in the other as soon as I switch Users. Please advise; someone expert in Windows/Firefox, and someone (maybe the same?) for Mac/Firefox. Your helpful assistance will be appreciated.

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Sync works fine between two different Login User Accounts on a PC.And also between different operating systems on the same computer, for users who dual-boot.

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OK, I will try to make it work ... I guess I ought to have progressed to the full question, so, please answer me on this ultimate question(s) -

  1.  When I create my Sync account with User profile (call it) User-A), I believe that I then cause the Bookmarks in Firefox's instance opened by User-A are (the Bookmarks)  uploaded to a Mozilla-built cloud (server) offsite to me. Am I right? 
  2.  And next, when I switch to User-B profile, I have to open Firefox, and log into my new Sync account again, and when I click the Sync button, I understand that the User-A Bookmarks will be downloaded and inserted in Firefox of User-B. Am I right, so far? Or, instead, does clicking the Sync button cause the Sync account to upload the User-B's Bookmarks and replace the file of User-A's with these from User-B? And discard User-A's bookmarks? 
   3.  I.e., how can I get User-B's Firefox to keep its bookmarks of URLs that are different from any of User-A's, and simply add the items that are User-A's that are different from any of existing User-B's? 
  4.  And, then, how can I get User-A's Firefox to add User-B's unique items, and not double up on all the duplicated bookmarks among all the different PCs and Users? 
  I have read the Sync description, but it doesn't tell a user exactly how these Sync actions will work out. So, please clarify all these questions for us. Many thanks if you can make every answer clear to us.

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  1. Yes.
  2. All bookmarks from all connect devices are synchronized. There are no differences in bookmarks between devices one each device is fully "synced".
  3. You can't keep any bookmarks separate or unique per device.
  4. The Sync server is setup to not duplicate identical bookmarks. But if the user of any device has modified the Properties of any bookmark in any manner, it might appear to be a duplicate.