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Get your g-dd-m Firefox updates off my computer! Jeezuschrist what is WRONG with you people?

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My head is exploding because this f'ed up program just shoved v29 down my throat EVEN THOUGH I HAVE EVERYTHING SET TO NEVER CHECK FOR UPDATES OR UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY.

Apparently that's not enough for you jerks. Is there ANY way to permanently, completely irrevocably block all updates?

I'll repeat because apparently the programmers have trouble understanding what "Never check for updates" means:

It means "Never check for updates." You should probably ask the nearest 5 year old to explain that if you still don't understand.

v29 is a monstrosity of horrible design and a trainwreck of sadistically useless gimmicks. You will never, ever get me to upgrade until people come up with ways to bring everything back to v28, and even then I probably won't. What you don't understand is the torture of dealing with your miserable so-called upgrade crap is far worse than the hassle of dealing with the supposed security risks.

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I'm sorry that you are unhappy with the new Firefox design. People helping here are volunteers and they are doing the best they can to help out Firefox users. If you feel strongly about the new changes I would suggest you to provide feedback on for the people who decided on the changes to actually see it.

Please keep in mind that Firefox is a work in progress and your feedback is very valuable for us to understand what can be done better!

Meanwhile you can see this help article How to make the new Firefox look like the old Firefox

See also:

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OK I will submit feedback but as long as this thread is open, the demands that the massive redesign imposes on users' time, in order to relearn what was a perfectly well functioning, reasonably intuitive design THAT NO INTELLIGENT USERS WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES are nothing less than sadistic.

There's simply no other explanation for such a pathological waste of the public's time.

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Hi arminius1, Sorry but I don't think we are able to be of much help to you in this matter.

Unfortunately If you will not use a supported up to date and secure Firefox the best advice is choose an alternative browser.

If it is any consolation I personally would agree the change was handled badly throwing users into a totally new UI without any warning.

Not much point in complaining here the subject of development decisions are off topic as outside the scope of this forum and no developers are going to see your comments here.

I will leave the thread open if you wish too discuss possible workarounds and use of a supported Firefox version.

Note even though Firefox is always work in progress the reversal of the Australis changes (That's the buzword developers chose regarding Fx29 changes) is near enough unthinkable as it involved years of work and over 4000 changes (filed bugs)

More background info Also see the CLOSED thread

Firefox remains customisable. Maybe some of this information helps explain the improvements.

Try the new design, if it does not grow on you there are ways to make it more like the previous version.

One of the developers recently posted this explanation

MikeDeboer said

Each setting you see in a computer program you use requires work; when a developer wants to build something new or improve something, he or she has to go through each related (hidden) setting and test if it still works like before and do that on each platform Firefox runs on. That's Apple's Mac OSX, various flavours of Linux and various flavours of Windows, including Windows XP. This costs time, lots of it, and that amount grows exponentially with each setting that's added. This comes on top of our work to continuously fix, improve and innovate Firefox. 

That's why we also removed the tabs.onTop preference. Awesome community members, who were unhappy about that change, created the Classic Theme Restorer add-on. They deserve our collective hugs.

Discussion options (lack of)

  1. Use feedback
    • I suggest make only a short comment about single subjects
      Otherwise it is likely to be lost in noise as a general complaint.
    • Statistical information from input feedback is made available to developers.
    • Anyone can see & filter the comments in an interactive webpage dashboard
  2. Try to find a mailing list where someone may consider it on topic