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Tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Thunderbird and Gmail Thunderbird can be set up to work seamlessly with Google's Gmail. Messages will be synchronized between your local version of Thunderbird and web-based Gmail.
  • Open Search The first entry in the Thunderbird Tips series, this article explains how to use Open Search to search various websites for words or phrases contained in email messages.
  • Reply Above or Below Quoted Text The setting that controls whether your reply is above the quote ("top posting") or below the quote ("bottom posting") is a per account setting in Thunderbird. Today, "top posting" is often considered normal in business and personal mail. Thunderbird defaults to "bottom posting" which is the norm for older Internet communities and most older email communities.
  • Print List of Messages Instructions on how to print a list of your messages/emails.
  • Quick Filter Toolbar The Quick Filter toolbar is used to limit the number of messages that are displayed in the message list. The toolbar is displayed above every list of messages (for example, the list that is displayed when you are looking at your Inbox; the list that is displayed after your perform a Global Search and select "Open as list"; etc).
  • Standalone address book Sometimes you might want to access the Thunderbird address book without loading the entire application. This can be done by invoking the application from the system command line with a command-line option.