Fix problems

Learn how to troubleshoot issues on your Firefox OS phone.

  • Avoid and report Mozilla tech support scams Mozilla does not charge for software, upgrades or technical support. Find out about common scams and how to protect yourself from them.
  • Facebook import error on ZTE Open Users of the ZTE Open smartphone (sold on Ebay) aren't able to import contacts from Facebook. This is a known issue that is being worked on.
  • Fix Gmail password errors Learn how to fix the login error messages that appear when you try to access your Gmail account on your Firefox OS phone.
  • Switch to a secure email provider There are multiple, free email providers that offer secure, encrypted connections. Using one will better protect your emails and your email password.
  • Update Accuweather or Wikipedia Users of the blue ZTE Open may be unable to download updates for the Accuweather and Wikipedia apps. Cancelling the download and restarting will fix the issue.
  • No SMS after switching from iPhone Are you no longer receiving text messages after switching from iPhone to Firefox OS? Here's how to turn off iMessages so you can receive text messages again.
  • Getting help with your Firefox OS-based Panasonic TV Panasonic TVs use a custom version of Firefox OS. Contact Panasonic through this link to get assistance with your Smart TV.
  • Troubleshoot Firefox OS This article will walk you through a few simple steps you can take to fix issues with your device or an app.
  • The call log won't finish loading After updating Firefox OS, some people aren't able to open the call log. We're working on this and we'll update this article when the issue has been fixed.
  • Contact Firefox OS carrier support Here is the carrier contact information to get help, service for your Firefox OS device, or help for an app that a developer is unable to assist you with.