What's new in Firefox for Android

Welcome to a new version of Firefox for Android. In this release, you will find the following updates:

  • Tablets now have forward, back and reload buttons in the toolbar.
  • Firefox for Android now auto-fills your logins and passwords. This feature is on by default.
  • Firefox can also auto-fill logins and passwords on other apps. To turn this feature on, go to Settings > Logins and passwords > Autofill in other apps.
  • You can now manually add logins and passwords. Go to Settings > Logins and passwords > Saved Logins > Add Login.
  • You can now opt out of experiments and studies. Go to Settings > Data collection > Studies and switch off.
  • Site security and privacy info have been merged to one icon, freeing up space in the address bar. Tap the lock icon Fx89Padlock in the address bar to display both.

We hope you enjoy this version. Thank you for helping us improve Firefox, and stay tuned for more improvements with each upcoming release.

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