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Current   Michele Rodaro Minor edit: deleted a dot ;)
Approved M AliceWyman linkified sync, added Templates, other edits
Approved M Michele Rodaro Deleted a sentence (shown twice for not fx89 mac)
Approved M Fabi [Fx89] Mobile bookmarks in app menu
Unreviewed   Joni updated for 89
Approved M Wavid Updated screenshot and instructions for fx61. Also added new mac instructions to specifically view mobile bookmarks along with all synced bookmarks.
Approved M Wesley Branton Mobile bookmarks are still visible in the bookmarks menu
Approved M Joni note styling
Unreviewed   Joni added note for 57
Approved M AliceWyman
Reviewed M AliceWyman Use Bookmarks button on the toolbar instead of menu bar (see discussion)
Unreviewed   Daniel2099 Add explanation how to display the menu if not visible
Approved MT Joni new article for 54

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