Content Blocking (formerly Tracking Protection)

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Tracking is the collection of a person’s browsing data across multiple sites, usually via included content. Tracking domains attempt to uniquely identify a person through the use of cookies or other technologies such as fingerprinting.

What is Tracking Protection?

Tracking Protection allows you to take control of your privacy online. While Firefox has a Do Not Track feature that tells websites not to monitor your behavior, companies are not required to honor it. Firefox's Tracking Protection feature puts the control back in your hands by actively blocking domains and sites that are known to track users.

The initial blocklist used by Tracking Protection is based on Disconnect's blocklist.

How to turn Tracking Protection off

Tracking Protection is enabled automatically on Private Browsing windows.

You may turn it off for all sites in two ways:

  1. On the Private Browsing main page (about:privatebrowsing), click the link that says “Turn Tracking Protection Off”. You may turn Tracking Protection back on via the same link.
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  2. Click Settings, then Privacy. Uncheck the box that says Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows.
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How to use Tracking Protection

Once Tracking Protection is activated, you will see a shield in your address bar whenever Firefox is blocking either tracking domains or mixed content.

You may choose to disable Tracking Protection for a particular site by clicking on the shield icon and selecting "'Disable protection for this session'". Once Tracking Protection is disabled for a site, you will see a shield with a red strike-through. You may choose to re-enable Tracking Protection for the site by clicking the shield icon again and selecting "Enable protection". Since Private Browsing mode doesn’t keep any information about your browsing session, when you disable Tracking Protection for a site, it only lasts for the session. When you start a new Private Browsing session, Tracking Protection will be turned on for all sites.

To see which resources are being blocked, you can open the web console and look for messages under the Security tab.