The thumbnails on the new tab page are missing - how to get them back

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The Firefox New Tab page shows pictures of the sites you visit frequently. Sometimes, certain or all of them are not displayed. We'll explain why that happens and how to get them back when it's possible.

Note: This applies to the latest Firefox release version which can be downloaded from

Why are the thumbnails not displayed?

Firefox stores the website thumbnails it displays on the New Tab page in a temporary cache on your computer.

Websites where storing cache is not allowed such as HTTPS websites don't have a thumbnail. This ensures you that no sensitive information will be displayed when you are logged out.

Of course, thumbnails get deleted when:

How to restore the website images on the New Tab page

The images will get re-stored as you use the New Tab page to go to those websites again.

  1. Open the New Tab page by clicking the + button on the tab strip.
  2. Click on one of the blank images to go to a website.
  3. This is important - let the website finish loading (wait for the spinning greenblueorange loading icon in the tab to stop).
  4. Open the new tab page again and you will see a new image for the website you just went to.
  5. Repeat this process for the rest of the missing images.