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Big things this week

  • Notes and video from this meeting.
  • It was a short meeting but a lot of celebration!
  • Everyone: please help us in testing Persona
  • We have a list with the top contributors of all time, check the etherpad or watch the video to see it! We had a nice celebration!
  • Update on the buddy program and on our Summit planned to unite all SUMO warriors!
  • Contributors of the week: AlicyWyman, philipp, john99, italian team
  • Current SUMO development sprint – 2013.18.
  • Next SUMO meeting - Monday, Sept. 30th - (call in details & meeting notes) at 9:00 am PST. Please add your comments, questions and updates to the etherpad. You can also participate in #sumo during the meeting. We’re going to record and post a video of the meeting.

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Last Update: 2013-11-03

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