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Hey there Social Support Newbie, welcome!

If you have found yourself here, you are interested in responding to users as the Firefox brand, have heard about the Social Support Program and want to get more involved or you are just savy with searching the interent. Welcome! We are very excited to tell you more.

The Social Support Program is where community and staff community both reply to users in their own social networks. Social Helpers identify and triage social media conversations as a support request, a promotional conversation, as a lead opportunity to talk about Firefox as well as escalate trending issues that users are criticizing or praising in their personal networks.

This document will have all of the resources that you need to keep track of to make sure you are always up to date and have all the information you need to answer as the Twitter account @Mozilla and Mozilla Facebook pages.

Best Practices for Reply

Originally by Sierra Reed

Best practices for using Respond

What is Community Management at Mozilla?

Community management on our social channels means logging in as Firefox on Facebook or Twitter to do the following:

  • Answer user questions and provide support daily.
  • Respond to both negative and positive comments.
  • Watch for common issues or potential opportunities to pass on to Liz & the support team weekly.
  • Flag / remove spam or offensive content.

Now that you have a quick review of Community Management in Social Support, here’s a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • When a user is angry for no specific reason and it is clear no answer or support will make them happy, you do not need to continue to interact with them.
For example: Tweets containing cursing, offensive words
  • We do not talk about politics so if a tweet has reference to politics, do not reply.
  • Be sure to read the entire thread before writing a reply; this means you need to tailor all your answers to fit the user’s question instead of copying and pasting answers. We don’t want users to feel like they are getting an automatic response.
  • SLOW DOWN - read your reply a few times before pushing send
  • Double check your answer to ensure it is spelled properly and answers the correct question from the user.
  • If you do not understand the tweet, do not reply. Send it to your mentor, Sierra, Rachel, or Roland
    • Remember, quality is more important than quantity (it’s not a competition)
    • If you need someone to double check your spelling or grammar, reach out to your Mentor, Sierra, Rachel, or Roland

Some general guidelines about participation you probably want to know: 2017:

  1. If you are inactive for 14 days you will receive an email to remind you about Reply, and to let you know that you will be deactivated after 30 days of inactivity.
  2. Every two weeks, if spots open up, those on the waitlist will be notified and invited to the Reply tool.
  3. Waitlist sign up page - the list will be evaluated each time based on current interest and needs.
  4. Interested in adding an account? Please contact

Comments and tweets now include #firefox and firefox keywords, later we may add #fxhelp as Army of Awesome goes away.

Some Program requirements

  1. Do you have a Mozillian’s profile and have you been vouched? Contact an admin or another contributor to do this for you. This will make it easier to get an NDA.
  2. Let’s get you NDA’d
  3. Social support email you need access to this
  4. Telegram access, so you can live chat with all the other social team members <3

For quality in your responses please see the Firefox Brand

These rules can be referenced to practice emulating responding as the Firefox and Mozilla Brands. You will be emailed more Guidelines at the end of this form.

Common Responses will be published before every release

Previously we had a [this document] for collecting common support. However, it now is in the Common Responses document previously used in the Army of Awesome tool. We recommend you bookmark it.

However if you are wondering when the next sumo day is and you have not checked your email see this etherpad


Admins: Rachel McGuigan Sierra Reed Elizabeth Hull

Email :

IRC: #sumo


Forums for help and where you can help: Social Media Forum

Moderation Responsibilities for Moderators

Approving or rejecting tweets and facebook content is not a feature we have so there is a lot of faith put into your better judgement. Please remember that you can use the AoA tag in the Reply tool to check on Firefox Scouts progress and you can also moderate from the public pages directly.

If you have any questions about the content you publish, please use the social-support email.

If you grew fond of TweetDeck, we also have some instructions on how you can use it to moderate: here Originally published by Jhonatas from the Brazil Community.

Reporting spam: First Report Twitter spam here and Facebook spam here and if it is still a problem, please contact those with access to the twitter or facebook page - Noah, Andrew, Cynthia.

How to Use Reply

This is a series of short videos giving an overview of the features and workspace of Reply by Buffer. There is also a playlist if you want to watch them all in one sitting, else please go at your own pace.

Tags and Rules in Reply

As we develop the program further, we have rules that automate and tags documented here for your collaboration

SUMO Social Support Reply Training Playlist

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Please know you can always provide feedback here Thank you!

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