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Current M AliceWyman Snippets disabled in Fx89 (bug 1709984). Added note, updated summary, other edits
Approved M Fabi [Fx89] How do I hide all snippets? Update
Approved   Jeff Minor grammar/punctuation updates.
Unreviewed   virgiewhitaker do not have access to open email account
Approved M Marcelo Ghelman Snippets don't appear every time you open a new tab
Approved M Artist minor edit: added closing parenthesis, spelling consistency
Approved M Joni updated for 70; still needs screenshot
Approved   Lamont Gardenhire Added TOC
Approved M AliceWyman edited search summary, linked to related articles, other edits
Approved M Michele Rodaro Images: Wiki syntax for numbered lists
Approved MT Lamont Gardenhire Updated content
Unreviewed   Lamont Gardenhire Added new content and screenshots

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