Set SIM PIN on Firefox OS

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You can add a SIM PIN to prevent access to your SIM card. When enabled, any device containing the SIM card will request you to enter the PIN on startup.

Setting the SIM PIN

In order to be able to set the SIM PIN it would have to be done in the settings section of the phone.

  1. Tap on settings icon to open the Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Privacy & Security, and tap on SIM security.
    SIM Security List Item.
  3. To turn on the SIM PIN, toggle the switch.
    SIM PIN Switch
    • bt icon means that the PIN is activated.
  4. You will then be asked to create a SIM PIN.

Changing the PIN

To change the SIM PIN, you would have to go the same place in your settings but do the following instead:

  1. Tap the Change PIN button.
    Change PIN button
  2. Create a new SIM PIN
Important: It is recommended that you write down the PIN code and put it somewhere safe in the event that you forget your PIN.
The SIM PIN is not the same as the passcode used to unlock your device. See Set Screen Lock on Firefox OS for more information.