Set Screen Lock on Firefox OS

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Set Screen Lock on Firefox OS

You can choose the level of security you want for your Firefox OS phone.

Just follow these 3 steps. It's easy!

1. Go to the Settings icon on your Firefox OS phone


2. Scroll down to Privacy&Security > Phone lock

Phone lock d

3. On the resulting screen you'll have 2 options:

  • Lock screen - Provides no protection, but lets you get to the Home screen very quick

screen lock only

  • Passcode lock - Requires 4 numbers and offers an additional level of security on your Firefox OS phone

create pass

And... You're DONE!

security lock

Tip: Change your pass code as often as you want by simply tapping on the Change passcode button at the end of your screen.
Related settings

You can also add a SIM PIN to prevent access to your SIM card.

When enabled,any device containing the SIM card will request PIN upon restart.

To activate it go to Settings >Privacy&Security >SIM security.

The SIM PIN is not the same as the passcode used to unlock your phone!