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"Submit data" is a Firefox OS feature that allows Mozilla to collect certain non-personal information such as application usage (active use time, counts of opens/closes/crashes and a list of uninstalled apps on Firefox OS devices) and search engine provider information (which search engine provided search results to the device). Firefox OS records this data on a daily basis and sends the data to Mozilla bi-weekly. This data helps us to improve search and performance, identify bugs, understand app usage and create better content offerings on Marketplace.

More specifically, app usage data collected through the "Submit data" feature will inform Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace so that we may deliver:

  • apps or web content more relevant to your app usage or app usage common in your region through improved content discovery features (such as new collections or featured apps)
  • an improved search experience influenced by your app usage and use by region
  • an enhanced user experience of commonly used apps by prioritizing feature improvements and new developments based on the “Submit data” data
  • new content not seen by users before
  • opportunities to influence the direction of Firefox OS or Firefox Marketplace based on end user's usage of the phone with beta and A/B testing or prototyping activities.

Search engine provider information, collected through the "Submit data" feature, will inform Firefox OS so that we may deliver an improved search experience based upon usage trends, such as default search options sensitive to regions and geographies.

For more information about what kind of data is collected and how it's used, see our privacy policy.

How do I turn "Submit Data" On or Off?

  1. Tap Settings 1.3 Settings 1.4 Settings- 2.0 (small) to open the Settings application.
  2. Tap the Improve B2G OS button and the settings window will appear.
  3. Tap the Submit performance data button to turn Telemetry on or off.
Telemetry Firefox OS
activate icon represents that Telemetry is enabled.
  1. Open the Settings app Settings 1.3 Settings 1.4 Settings- 2.0 (small) .
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Improve Firefox OS.
  3. Tap the box next to Submit performance dataSubmit data to turn this feature on or off (a check mark means it's on.)
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