Privacy settings in Firefox for Enterprise | How to

Privacy settings in Firefox for Enterprise

Your privacy is important to us at Mozilla. You can review our latest privacy policy to learn how Mozilla will treat your personal information.

The following features can be disabled via Policy Engine to minimize information sent to Mozilla:

  • DisableAppUpdate (disables Firefox auto-update)
  • DisableFeedbackCommands (removes user feedback options, on things such as deceptive sites)
  • DisableFirefoxScreenshots
  • DisableFirefoxStudies (disables Shield studies)
  • DisablePocket
  • DisableTelemetry (prevents the upload of anonymized telemetry data)
  • OverrideFirstRunPage (overrides the page that is displayed when Firefox is run for the first time)
  • OverridePostUpdatePage
  • EnableTrackingProtection (enables tracking protection to block trackers)
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Last Update: 2019-02-05

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