Play music on Firefox OS

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The Firefox OS Music app gives you a number of ways to listen to your music. Let's go through the basics.

Note: To import music files, please see How to put music on your Firefox OS phone.

Find something to listen to

When you first open the Music app music you'll find a beautiful, visual arrangement of song and album cover art. From here, just tap on what you want to listen to and lean back in your Lazy Boy.

Music start screen

Browse by album, artist, song and more

At the bottom of the Music app screen you have controls that let you browse though your music in different ways:

  • Allmusic Go to the start screen where your music is displayed visually.
  • Playlist The Playlist menu lets you shuffle all your music, play the highest rated, recently added, most played and least played songs.
  • Artismusic This screen lets you browse by artist.
  • Albummusic Here you'll find music grouped by album.
  • Allsongs Looking for a particular song? Here you can browse by title.
Tip: The Music app arranges songs and displays cover art by reading the "tags" on the music files themselves. If your files seem to be missing some of this information, you can use a tag editor to fix them.

Search through your music

Know exactly what you want? Find it quickly.

Note: This feature is available in Firefox OS version 1.1 and higher. Not sure what version of Firefox OS you have? Here's how to find out.

  1. Pull down on any screen in the Music app to reveal the search bar.

    Search music
  2. Begin to type the name of artist, song or album and the app will display a list of matches.
  3. Then just tap on the one you want.

Audio controls

Once you're playing some music, you'll find the normal back, play/pause and forward buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Audio controls

If you tap on the artwork, you'll also bring up controls for repeating the song or album, ratings and shuffle.

  • Tap stars 1 - 5 to rate a song.
    Rate a song
  • Tap the replay button once to repeat an album.
    Repeat album
  • Tap the replay button twice to repeat a song. Tap it a third time to cancel.
    Repeat song
  • Tap the shuffle button to randomize the order of the current album or playlist.

Of course you can continue to browse though the app while you're playing something. To return to the currently playing song and the audio controls, just tap the play button in the upper-right corner of the screen:

Currently playing

Want to continue listening to music without having the Music app take up your whole screen?

  • You can browse other apps on your phone while the music is playing. Just swipe down from the top of your screen to access the music controls on your notification bar.
music notif bar
  • You can also access the music controls while the screen lock is on.
music lock