Play music on Firefox OS

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To import MP3 files, please read How to put music on your Firefox OS phone.

Playing music

  1. To open the Music app, tap music .
  2. From here you can either tap the artwork of the song that you want to play, or you can search for music by album, artist, or song name.
  3. Once you have found a song to play, tap it, and you will be taken to a screen like this:

    Play music
  4. Put on some headphones and lean back in your lazy boy chair.

Finding a Song

Once the Music application is opened, you will see 5 icons on the lower section of your screen.

Music app icon bar

These icons are used to perform these functions:

  • Allmusic : View all music files.
  • Playlist : Open the Playlist menu.
  • Artismusic : Find music by artist.
  • Albummusic : Find music by album.
  • Allsongs : Find music by song title.

Editing your Playlist

After tapping Playlist ( Playlist ), you will see the Playlist menu.


From here, you can change the order of songs in your playlist by shuffling or filtering them.