Pinned tabs keep your favorite websites open and a click away (Michael's practice article)

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Pinned tabs let you keep your favorite websites like Twitter or Gmail open and just a click away. Pinned tabs alert you when a page updates, they can't be closed accidentally and they open automatically when you start Firefox. Ready to get started? Let's go - it's easy. Pinned tab example

How to pin a tab

The best way to see how helpful pinned tabs are is to make one.

  • Right-clickControl-click on the tab you want to pin and select Pin Tab from the menu.
    Pin example

Try it out: Try turning one of your favorite websites (email, internet radio, social networks) into a pinned tab.

How to unpin a tab

Unpinning a tab is simple.

  • Right-clickControl-click on the pinned tab and select Unpin Tab from the menu.
    Unpin example
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