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We haven't quite hit our mark. We've received feedback that it's difficult to figure out which Firefox experience you've got enabled. We are hard at work to address this and continue to improve the feature.

What is Firefox Suggest?

Firefox Suggest is a new feature that serves as a trustworthy guide to the better web, finding relevant information and sites to help you accomplish your goals.

Firefox Suggest provides website suggestions in the address bar. When contextual suggestions are enabled, the feature uses your city location and search keywords to make contextual suggestions from Firefox and our partners, while keeping your privacy in mind.

You can customize your Firefox Suggest experience by managing the types of suggestions you receive, and the data used to serve them up, in your Firefox settings.

Users outside of the U.S. will have local results only (browsing history, bookmarks, and open tab suggestions).

What’s on by default

Firefox has always provided address bar suggestions, such as websites from your browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs (on by default), as well as suggestions from your default search engine. Beginning in Firefox version 92, you will also receive new, relevant suggestions from our trusted partners based on what you’re searching for. No new types of data are collected, stored, or shared to make these new recommendations. Firefox Suggest - Costa Rica Example Examples of Firefox Suggest results include traditional suggestions like browsing history and open tabs, as well as new suggestions from our partners.

Opt-in Suggestions

We are rolling out a new type of even smarter suggestions. You might notice a message inviting you to enable these new suggestions the next time you install or update Firefox.

These suggestions — which aim to enhance and speed up your searching experience — will only be enabled if you provide access to new data types. We source and partner with trusted providers to serve up contextual suggestions related to your query from across the web.

To enable these enhanced suggestions, simply click on Allow suggestions when you receive our notification prompt or Customize in settings to choose the experience you want and the types of suggestions that will show in the address bar.

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What data is shared if you enable contextual suggestions?

To help you find information faster, Firefox Suggest uses a service provided by us to offer relevant suggestions for what you’re typing. When you opt-in to improve Contextual suggestions, Mozilla receives your search queries. When you see or click on a Firefox Suggest result, Mozilla collects and sends your search queries and the result you click on to our partners through a Mozilla-owned proxy service. The data we share with partners does not include personally identifying information and is only shared when you see or click on a suggestion. To learn more about how Mozilla handles data, click here

How to tell if you've opted-in to improved results for Contextual Suggestions

Contextual suggestions are enabled by default, but improved results through data sharing is only enabled when you opt-in. To check to see if if you opted-in, navigate to the Preferences page:

  1. Select Privacy & Security on the left and go down to the Address Bar — Firefox Suggest section.

If you see “Contextual suggestions” checked with the string “Firefox will have access to your location, search queries, and visited sites”, you have opted in. If you do not see that label then the default experience is enabled with no new kinds of data sharing.

Who Are Mozilla’s partners?

Privacy is fundamental to Mozilla's mission and we only work with partners that meet our privacy standards for Firefox. For sponsored results, our preferred partner is adMarketplace. We also provide results from Wikipedia. Results from Wikipedia are not sponsored.

How to manage Firefox Suggest settings

You can change the types of suggestions that are displayed at any time. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click Firefox and select Preferences. Click the menu button Fx57Menu and select OptionsPreferences.Click the menu button Fx89menuButton and select Settings.

  2. Select Privacy & Security on the left and go down to the Address Bar — Firefox Suggest section.
    • To enable or disable contextual suggestions, select or deselect the checkbox next to Contextual suggestions.
    • To enable or disable traditional address bar suggestions, such as Firefox Suggest results from browsing history and bookmarks, select or deselect the associated checkboxes.