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Monday SUMO meeting administration

Happy Monday! It's time for another SUMO community meeting. In the spirit of open communication, here are instructions for all of the documentation tasks.

Record & Webcast the meeting

  1. Log-in to Vidyo and join the SUMO room.
  2. Click on the Control Meeting link in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the SUMO room.
  4. Enter the admin pin. Don't copy and paste it - you have to type it each time.
  5. Select the Record & Webcast radio button.
  6. Click the red record button and then select Basic Quality from the Recording Profile list that pops up.
    Start Recording
  7. Confirm that you have both a red dot and a white broadcasting icon at the bottom of the video window.
Pro Tip: Don't forget to stop the recording when the meeting is over.

Download the recording and post it on YouTube

  1. When the meeting is over, stop the recording and webcast by clicking the red record button. It will become grayed out to let you know it has stopped.
  2. Click the VidyoReplay Library link.
    Vidyo Library
    The VidyoReplay Library page will try to load but it will never complete.
  3. Add https:// to the beginning of the URL and then hit return on your keyboard. The page should now load.
    Fix Vidyo URL
  4. Next click the My Videos link at the top right.
  5. The video you just recorded should be the first one listed. Click the Download link to save the recording to your computer.
    • Optionally you can trim off the beginning of the video. Often there are a few minutes in the recording before the actual meeting starts. You can trim this off by opening the video in QuickTime, going to Edit and choosing Trim.... Then grab the yellow handle and adjust the beginning time. When you are done, click Trim on the right end of the timeline.
      Trim video
  6. Now log into your YouTube account and upload the recording. It will take a while to upload and process the video (maybe 30 min to upload and 30 min to process). When it's done you will get a link that you'll use in the later tasks.

Update the list of etherpads and create next week's etherpad

  1. After the meeting update the list of etherpads with a link to next week's etherpad. Just follow the naming convention of the past etherpads.
  2. Next create the new etherpad by clicking on the link you just made.
  3. Copy the content from the previous etherpad and paste it into the new one.
  4. Then delete all the copied content, leaving a blank bullet point in each section so people can easily make bulleted lists :)

Update the WUWS template

Basically, you want to update links and dates on the things that remain the same from week to week and then come up with 2 - 3 bullet points of important things discussed at the meeting.

Note: Leave the video sections commented out until we fix the bug that will allow the videos to be displayed in articles that use this template.

Copy WUWS and post it in the community forum

  1. Create a new post in the community forum and paste in the source of the WUWS template.
  2. Uncomment the meeting video section and put in the link to this week's meeting video (Only YouTube links work).

Make the blog post

Convert your wiki forum post to an HTML blog post. Here's a "template" to use for the blog post (things that need to be replaced ARE IN ALL CAPS):

<h3>Big things this week</h3>
<li><a href="ETHERPAD URL">Notes</a> and <a href="YOUTUBE URL">video</a> from this SUMO meeting.</li>
<li>ONE BIG THING</li>
<li>Contributors of the week: </li>
<li>Current SUMO development sprint – <a href=" NUMBER">SPRINT NUMBER</a>.</li>
<li>Next SUMO meeting - <a href="NEXT ETHERPAD URL"> Monday, MONTH. DAY (call in details & meeting notes)</a> at 9:00 am PDT. Please add your comments, questions and updates to the wiki. You can also participate in <a href=""> #sumo</a> during the meeting. We're going to record and post a video of the meeting.</li>
<div class="video-container"><iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

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