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Thanks for helping with our Knowledge Base. For millions of people around the world, these articles are the face of Mozilla when they have a problem or question about one of our products. Improving the Knowledge Base is the way to get the biggest bang for our collective effort. A single article can quickly help tens of thousands of people each week.

Create an account and say hello

As a nonprofit, open-source project, we rely on our community of volunteers to write and maintain the majority of the articles. You don't need special permission to work on them – this is a wiki that anyone can edit. All you need is your Mozilla account. (If you are already signed in to Mozilla Support, that link will redirect you to the Mozilla Support home page.)

Once you have an account and are signed in, you can introduce yourself and bring up topics in the Knowledge Base discussion forum or in one of the other Mozilla Support contributor forums.

You can also talk to us in the SUMO chat room on Matrix.

Get started writing

Are there Help topics for Mozilla products we haven't covered? You can do a search to find Knowledge Base articles that already exist.

Here's the essential information that will help you edit articles or create your first article:

Help us improve existing articles

The most common thing we do in the glamorous world of Knowledge Base maintenance is to try to improve the articles we already have. If you see an article that can be improved, go to article's Editing Tools section (sign in to Mozilla Support if you don't see it), click Discussion and post a thread to let us know what should be fixed. You can also edit the article yourself and your proposed changes will be reviewed.

KB article Editing Tools

Here are great places to get started:

  • Need Changes list – this list can be sorted by product. Clicking a link will open the article's History page. From there, click Article under Editing Tools to view the article, click Edit Article to update the article or click Discussion to discuss needed changes.
  • Knowledge Base Overview – this list can be sorted by product and category. It includes a Status column for pending reviews and a Needs Update column for needed changes.

Complete list of article writing documentation

Click here for a list of articles for contributors to the Mozilla Support Knowledge Base.

If you're really interested in editing and writing documentation, here are a few resources that should help explain how we do things:

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