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How to participate in SUMO contributor meetings

How do I get involved in a Mozilla meeting?

We use the following clients for Mozilla meetings:


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an instant messenger. Most meetings are held on the #sumo channel and you can connect with mibbit via this link if the meetings are on IRC. For other ways to connect please visit


Vidyo is Mozilla's own meeting system.

If you are a Mozilla employee you can login via

If you are a contributor, you will need a guest link. It will be provided on the etherpad and will look something like this "". Please note that you need to download and install Vidyo Client before you can use the guest link. When you go to the guest URL login page it will look like this:


Air Mozilla

You can watch meetings live on Air Mozilla. All previous meetings you can watch here.

Important information about the meetings

  • Please note if there is a statutory holiday, a meeting may not be held.
  • If you have any questions about the meetings you may post on the Contributor Forums.
  • Please note if there is a workweek the meeting may not be held.

SUMO community discussion meeting

This is held every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. PT.
To know more about SUMO meetings, visit the SUMO Meeting page on Mozilla wiki.

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