How to contribute to Firefox OS – even if you're not technical and you don't have a device yet!

This article is no longer maintained, so its content might be out of date.

Be part of the new mobile OS from Mozilla!

You are invited to hack on the Mozilla Support wiki with us in our bi-weekly Help Article Day sprint. Yes, this support website is a wiki!

Our goal is to have 10 additional contributors to the English support wiki for Firefox OS.

To participate virtually:

  1. Get the Firefox OS simulator addon here: Get Firefox OS Simulator
  2. Try out the Firefox OS smartphone apps and features and pick something you like to document.
  3. Log in and create a new help article here: Create New Knowledge Base Article

It can be just a simple 3-step article (we want small articles for easy use on a mobile phone). Here is a sample article: Add contact

Click Edit article, then cut & paste the sample wiki text into your new article and change the wording for your procedure.

Here are some of the Firefox OS apps that need more documentation:

  call settings
   Utility tray
   App permissions
   Developer settings

We also have a list of existing Firefox OS articles that need more changes: Article needs changes

We also have a lot of little articles in-progress that could use your contribution!

The goal is to have 50 contributors submit articles or edits to the knowledge base wiki every day, instead of the usual 40, will you be one of us?!

Thanks to every new Firefox OS KB contributor: mandel, feer56, satdav, hermina_condei, zombie, expresssive, tjovanovic, and iNerd, rnewman, ariestiyansyah, yalam96, and Tom Farrow!

We'd love to have your participation in this worldwide event *we've extended through the end of July, 2013* to create great support articles for the users of smartphones powered by Firefox OS. Be the future.

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