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How to Bookmark a Page on Firefox OS

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This article will help you create a bookmark with the built-in Firefox web browser on Firefox OS.

Creating a Bookmark

  1. Tap on browser (Firefox browser).
  2. Go to the website you want to bookmark.
    • Take Twitter for example

      firefox os twitter

  3. Tap the star at the bottom of the browser to add a bookmark.


  4. Tap on Bookmark.

    firefox os bookmarks

  5. The website you want is now bookmarked!

How do I view and use my bookmarks?

  1. Open the browser by tapping on browser (Firefox browser).
  2. Tap on the URL bar
  3. Tap on the Bookmarks tab.

    firefox os bookmarked

    • You will see your list of bookmarked websites.
    • Tap on the bookmark if you would like to navigate to it.


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Last Update: 2013-08-16

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