Home screen on iOS - access search and favorite sites in one place

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The home screen is the first thing you see when you open Firefox on your phone or tablet. You can also get to it by tapping the address bar at any time or by opening a new tab (if you haven't set it to a blank page).

Discover great content

By default, Firefox will show top-ranking sites, and your most recently visited or bookmarked pages.

To customize the New Tab content options, see Customize Firefox Home on iOS.

Search everything through the Awesome Screen

The Awesome Screen has a search bar at the top that takes both searches and web addresses. Simply type in your search and choose from one of the search engines that appear at the bottom of the screen, or tap Go to use the default search engine.

Firefox will also suggest pages from your history, bookmarks, open tabs and popular domains that match your search.

Access your bookmarks, Reading List and history

The buttons below the search bar let you access your content, not only on your current device, but on other devices as well. (Tip: Set up Sync on your computer or Android device to share your browsing information with your iPhone or iPad.)

awesome screen search and panels

Explanation of the panels and their symbols

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