History of Support for Hello discontinued in Firefox 49

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Reviewed M TheTechKid removed outdated content
Reviewed M Ömer Timur removed {for not fx49
Current M AliceWyman edits to pending revison {for not fx49}
Reviewed M AliceWyman (for not fx49} This will happen automatically when you update Firefox
Approved   Michele Rodaro therafter > thereafter
Approved M AliceWyman edit to pending revision to update search summary (see discussion)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman edits to intro - see discussion
Approved M Joni Changed the date to Sept 20 and added versions
Approved M Joni updated for Hello EOL
Approved M AliceWyman empty edit to mark last revision RFL
Approved   AliceWyman added WebRTC definition (Web Real-Time Communications)
Approved   AliceWyman removed "Thanks for stopping by." from the Intro (makes no sense) and linkified WebRTC
Approved M Joni resubmitting last edit so it'll show up in L10N
Approved   Mozinet [ missing
Approved MT Joni new article for Hello end of life.
Unreviewed   Joni placeholder

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