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Group Status Report

January 2018

What is Happening This Week?

Posted - Monday January 8, 2018


Community Meeting: Wednesday

Airmo Stream: Add your updates or questions to the etherpad:

Platform Meeting: Thursday 9AM PST (17:00 UTC)

(Add items to the agenda, click the document below) Vidyo Desktop: (You'll have to download and install the Vidyo Desktop client) Document for collaboration, bugs and questions:

Social Support Meeting Friday 9AM PST

In the SUMO Vidyo Room Video link => (You'll have to download and install the Vidyo Desktop client) Notes will be taken here:

  • For questions and answers about the upcoming Firefox launch
  • To meet the team and learn more about the program
  • This meeting will be recorded.

Help Needed

Upcoming Events

Firefox launch on January 23, 2018

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