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Starting on June 30, 2021, Mozilla will no longer support Firefox Lite. This application may continue to work on your device, but it will no longer receive support or security updates. For more information, visit End of support for Firefox Lite. Download Firefox for Android or Firefox Focus for a fast, private and safe browsing experience.

Firefox Lite is available in Indonesia, India, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam as well as 42 more countries.

Firefox Lite is a light but feature-packed browser that lets you save data and phone storage, capture and share content, and browse quickly even on slow connections. Keep reading to learn more.

Download Firefox Lite

If you're in China, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, or Thailand, Firefox Lite is available to you! Search for Firefox Lite in your Play store and follow the prompts to install it on your Android phone or tablet.

Set up Firefox Lite as your default browser

Open links and web pages automatically in Firefox Lite. Check out Set Firefox Lite as your default browser.

Add page shortcuts to your home screen

Get to your favorite websites faster by adding them as shortcuts to your home screen. Learn how at Add shortcuts to websites on your home screen.

Bookmark pages

Bookmark your favorite pages to visit later. See Bookmark pages in Firefox Lite.

Multi-task with Multi-Tabs

Open and switch between multiple tabs so you can get more done. Find out how it works at Open and switch between multiple websites (multi-tab).

Browse faster with Turbo Mode

Speed up your browsing by blocking third-party content (like ads) using Firefox Lite Turbo Mode or block images and display text only.

Browse privately without saving your information

Browse without saving history, cookies, passwords, site preferences, or temporary Internet files. See Private Browsing in Firefox Lite.

Save data and speed up your browsing with Block images

Want a clean, image-free page so you can focus on the text? Firefox Lite lets you block images so you can save data and browse faster. See Browse faster by blocking images in Firefox Lite.

Clear your cache / free up phone space

Clear your cache in a few taps without losing your browsing history, form history or login sessions. This frees up space on your phone! See Clear your cache without clearing your browsing history.

Capture web pages with Screenshots

Save, edit and share your favorite web pages as screenshots. See Capture screenshots using Firefox Lite for more information.

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