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Unreviewed   TomRoche article did not mention Android, which implied (IMHO) FF is iOS-only. I added links to the Android installer, and reorganized section=Requirements. There's definitely more work to do to make this page support Android better, but HTH for now.
Unreviewed   TomRoche page implied Focus was iOS only, so I added a link to the Android install
Reviewed M spr4zc Changed "insures" to "ensures", removed parenthetical in final paragraph
Current M Cécile Updated images and content (to version 3), replaced steps by template
Approved M Joni added template
Approved M Underpass using "newfocus" template
Approved M Joni Incorporated minor changes from Legal
Approved M Joni updated with new features
Unreviewed   Joni Fixed missing tag
Unreviewed   Joni do not approve until release
Approved M AliceWyman edit to pending revision: removed duplicate download link
Unreviewed   AliceWyman added iOS to summary and supported devices to Intro
Approved M Joni added note re: anonymous usage data opt in
Approved M Joni added note for L10N community
Approved M Joni added app store link
Approved M Joni added note for L10N
Unreviewed   Joni reworked for firefox focus launch
Approved M MozGianluc New "Get Started" screenshot (as per @Chris_Ilias suggestion)
Approved M MozGianluc "Get Started" screen added
Approved   Tonnes iOS9 -> iOS 9
Reviewed M Rigin Oommen fixed the gramatical change in the documentation app to application
Approved   Artist minor edits (consistency, product names)
Approved M NoahSUMO Adding section on why old Apple products aren't supported - full credit goes to Shawn for this info!
Approved M AliceWyman added iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPod to summary
Approved M Joni some styling changes, added link to app store
Approved M ideato fix numbers :-)
Approved M Joni removed link
Approved MT Joni approve at 9 AM
Unreviewed   Joni test - do not approve

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