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As part of our commitment to providing up-to-date and relevant information to our users, we have established a version support policy for content within SUMO. This policy ensures that our contributors focus on versions of Firefox that are most pertinent to our user base, thereby maintaining a high level of usefulness and accuracy in our KB articles. Below, you will find details on which Firefox versions are to be prioritized for content creation and updates.

The three versions to watch

Within the SUMO community, our goal is to ensure our users are always moving forward. To achieve this, our KB content is specifically focused on three key Firefox versions:

  • Latest Production version: This version introduces the newest features and updates to Firefox users. It's currently the most popular among our user base. By focusing our articles on this version, we ensure our community has access to the latest information and support.
  • Previous Production version: We understand that not everyone updates to the newest version right away, and that's completely fine. To make sure these users aren't left behind, we also focus on the version immediately preceding the current one. This approach ensures that everyone has access to helpful, relevant information, regardless of their update habits.
  • Latest Extended Support Release (ESR): This version is the stronghold for users and organizations who value consistency and stability, opting for extended support over having the newest features. Our commitment to supporting the latest ESR version means that we're here for those who depend on Firefox for its reliability over long periods.

Our goal is to ensure the Knowledge Base evolves with Firefox, offering content that's not only current but also engaging. By focusing on these specific versions, we're committed to delivering valuable information that meets the needs of a broad range of users, while keeping our Knowledge Base streamlined and up-to-date. To achieve this, we encourage contributors to follow these key practices:

  • Understand version impact: Recognize the importance of the targeted Firefox versions. This will guide your use of for tags to create version-specific content effectively.
  • Stay updated: With Firefox versions updating regularly (see the Firefox Release Calendar for details), it's crucial to keep our content fresh, ensuring users have the most current and accurate information.

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