History of Firefox support has ended for Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

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Current M AliceWyman a few more edits
Unreviewed   Tonnes more small edits
Approved M AliceWyman small edits to last revision
Approved M AliceWyman Firefox 45 ESR is no longer an option; updated Mac OS upgrade info
Approved   AliceWyman removed en-us from two Apple Support page links
Approved M AliceWyman small edit to Firefox ESR section
Approved M AliceWyman Firefox ESR: - edits to pending revision (see discussion)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman OS X is now macOS; edits to ESR section
Approved M user633449 A Better Apple Support Article that specifically talks about update to new version of Mac OS, not just updating in general
Approved   AliceWyman resubmitting Oct 5, 2016 revision by cynthiapereira Comment: minor correction since it was approved as level 2 in error. I'll approve my resubmitted revision as minor and then delete cynthiapereira's revision.
Approved M Chris Ilias shortened intro
Unreviewed   Lan Firefox 49 is released
Approved   AliceWyman added Mac to the summary to aid search results
Approved M AliceWyman removed {for not fx49}, edited opening paragraph - see discussion
Approved   AliceWyman August -> September
Approved M Joni search summary
Approved M Joni simplified, added link to ESR
Approved MT Joni first draft
Unreviewed   Joni placeholder

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