Firefox Lockwise and Privacy

Effective December 13, 2021, Mozilla has ended support for the Firefox Lockwise app on Android and iOS. To continue to access and use your password management, see End of support for Firefox Lockwise.

Firefox Lockwise allows Firefox Accounts users to access their login and password information (which we call “credentials”) on their mobile phones, outside any browser, by using Firefox Sync. The Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we handle information that we receive from you. In order to use Firefox Lockwise, you must also use Firefox. You can find information about how we handle information in Firefox, including the Sync feature, in the Firefox Privacy Notice.

Here are the other key things you should know about how Firefox Lockwise’s handles your data:

  • Credential data. Your credentials are synced in encrypted form using Firefox Sync.
  • Interaction data. Mozilla receives information about your interaction with Firefox Lockwise, including (1) frequency of editing, viewing, copying, and syncing credentials, (2) whether you are a new or existing Firefox Account user, (3) interactions with Firefox Lockwise menus and icons, (4) length of time the app is in background.
  • Technical data. We receive your device, operating system, version, and language preference. We also receive your IP address in connection with your usage of a Firefox Account.
  • Other Mozilla Services. Firefox Lockwise requires a Firefox Account and uses the Firefox Sync service.

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