Firefox issues with Nexus 10 and Android 4.3

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If you have upgraded your Nexus 10 tablet to the latest of version of Android, 4.3, you may experience the following issues with Firefox.

  • Title Bar Menu missing after long tap.
  • Crashes and rendering issues with certain sites like
  • Title bar disappears on

Title Bar Menu missing after long tap

Some users may not be able to see the menu when they long tap (tap and hold for about 1 second) on the title bar.

The workaround for this issue is to make sure you haven't selected anything in the title bar and then to long tap on the title bar.

Developers are working on this problem and we will revise this article and update this forum thread as necessary.

Crashes and rendering issues

Firefox may crash or render web pages incorrectly. For example might display only a portion of the content and may not display the complete sidebar.

To workaround this issue, disable auto-rotation and use landscape orientation (longest edge is horizonal) as follows:

  1. Make sure your device is in landscape orientation.
  2. In the Google Settings app, tap Accessibility.
  3. Un-check "Auto-rotate screen".

Developers are working on this problem in bug 900020.

Cannot search with the bing search engine

If you scroll down when at in landscape-orientation you see the title bar disappear and you may not be able to make it re-appear by scrolling back up as expected.

There is no workaround at the moment but developers are working on it in bug 902138.