Firefox Clinic cheat sheet

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Thanks for working with Firefox users today. You Rock!
Here are a few handy tips and links to make things a little easier.

Find out what’s wrong

  • If the user has brought their own computer, help them get connected to wi-fi (Mozilla Guest, password Firefox) and have them show you the problem.
  • If the user is doesn’t have a computer with them, start a private browsing session and have them walk you though the problem. Private Browsing instructions

Update Firefox & Plugins

Find a sumo article

Here are articles for some common issues:

Walk though the solution

  • Encourage the user do the steps.
  • You can switch the article to show instructions for the users’s operating system (controls in the right hand sidebar of the article).
    For Selector animation

Troubleshooting website problems

Troubleshooting Firefox problems

Don’t worry, you have backup

Give people links to the articles you used to help them

Fill out the support ticket

Wrap up