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This article lists frequently asked questions about Firefox Accounts on Mozilla Support.

What is Firefox Accounts?

Firefox Accounts offers one login for many of Mozilla’s services, such as Sync, Firefox Send, Firefox Monitor and others. Learn more here.

Why are you changing the system to use Firefox Accounts?

As part of the Mozilla ecosystem, Firefox Accounts helps streamline access to our products and services while giving users more security and the convenience of having just one login.

What will happen to my old Mozilla Support login?

You will no longer be able to log in using your old Mozilla Support credentials once the system upgrade is complete.

What if I have an existing Mozilla Support account and Firefox Account?

If you use the same email address for both accounts, we will automatically link your Mozilla Support account with your Firefox Account.

What if my Firefox Accounts email is different from my existing Mozilla Support account?

If you have an existing Mozilla Support, we will link your Firefox Account for you. First, log in to your Mozilla Support account. From there, you can follow our prompts to verify and link your Firefox Account to your existing Mozilla Support account.

What if I’m new to Mozilla Support?

Good news! When you create a Mozilla Support account, we will automatically create a Firefox Account for you.

Why can’t I change my avatar/image, password or email on my Mozilla Support (SUMO) profile?

Your profile information is integrated from Firefox Accounts. Changes to your avatar, password, email and other profile information are done on the Firefox Accounts settings page.

What if I'm locked out of my existing Firefox Account and want to ask for support?

See What if I'm locked out of Two-Step Authentication? and I'm having problems confirming my Firefox Account for possible solutions to those issues. If you cannot access your Firefox Account for other reasons, you can use another email address to create a new account, so that you can sign in to Mozilla Support and ask for help.

What if I can't sign in with a new or existing Firefox Account and want to ask for support?

Firefox Accounts currently supports Firefox version 60 and above. You will not be able to sign in to Mozilla Support if you are using an older version of Firefox. Either use a different browser or device, or see Get community support - Additional resources for other support options.