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Reviewed M Bithiah Placed sharing link
Current   Fabi Lowercased Firefox account mentions
Unreviewed   Jeff Minor punctuation updates.
Approved   AliceWyman Mozilla Support account
Approved M AliceWyman Used past tense. Overhaul needed? See discussion
Approved M Artist removed Firefox Send, as it is no longer available
Approved M ajk1962f Added the date on which the login merge completed.
Approved   AliceWyman "What is a Firefox Account?" and other minor edits
Unreviewed   alberosado What is FIrefox Accounts? = are
Approved M AliceWyman edit to pending new section on old Firefox versions
Unreviewed   AliceWyman reordered, new section for very old Firefox versions (see discussion, bug 1655280)
Approved   AliceWyman added login and signin as keywords
Approved M AliceWyman added Intro, TOC, changed "Learn more here" link to "Access Mozilla Services with Firefox Account" article
Approved M AliceWyman What if I'm locked out ... section: added link.
Approved M AliceWyman edits to "locked out" section - see https://support.mozilla.org/forums/contributors/713832
Unreviewed   Giulia G. addedd a word on locked out
Unreviewed   Kiki adding section about users whose locked out of their Firefox Account.
Approved MT Lamont Gardenhire Added new content
Unreviewed   Joni placeholder

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