Creating New Calendars

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Using Thunderbird and Lightning it's possible to have multiple calendars. You can create these in Calendar Mode or in Task Mode by rightclicking in the calendar list (choose New Calendar) or by choosing File -> New -> Calendar.

Next you get to choose whether you want to create the calendar "on your computer" or "on the network".

On your computer - local calendars

When choosing "On my computer", you can only use the calendar on the computer you're working at. All the data is stored inside an internal database (the sqlite file storage.sdb in your Thunderbird profile). Next you get to choose which name and color your calendar should have and your calendar is ready to use.

On the Network

When choosing "On the Network", your files can reside on general webservers (read-only), on webdav servers, on specialized caldav or wcap servers, on the local filesystem or a network share, on ftp servers, or you could use your Google calendars.

web server (ICS)

You're able to subscribe to calendars provided by third parties, mostly in ics format. These are almost always read-only, you're not able to change anything for the calendars. An example of this kind of calendar are the holiday calendars provided by Mozilla. Choose ICS and enter the url in the Location field. Next you can choose the name and color for the calendar you just added.

wcap server

Select the Format - Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP).

Enter the http: URL for your WCAP server.

Click NextContinue.

Enter a Name.

(Optional) Select a Color.

Google calendar

To view your Google calendar in Mozilla Thunderbird using the Mozilla Lightning extension:

First make sure that the Mozilla Lightning extension for Mozilla Thunderbird is installed on your computer.

In the main menu of Lightning, navigate to: File -> New -> Calendar.

Activate the radio button labeled On the Network.

Click NextContinue and keep the default option of iCalendar (ICS) selected.

Go to your Google calendar, click the arrow next to the name of the calendar you wish to subscribe to and click on Calendar setting.

In the Calendar Address section, click the green button labeled ICAL.

Select and copy the link that appears in the pop-up window.

Paste this link in the open dialog box of Lightning, click Next and follow the rest of the setup assistant's instructions.