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To create a new article, right-click and open this link in a new tab. The Create a New Knowledge Base Article page will open. Here's what the top part of that page looks like:


Don't be intimidated by all of the fields and checkboxes that you see when you first create a new article. Most everything can be handled later. This is all you really have to do:

  1. Enter a title (can be changed later). More on article titles here.
  2. Choose the product this article is relevant to (can be changed later).
  3. Choose one topic (can be changed later).
  4. Enter a search result summary (short description of the article).
  5. Go to the Content box and start writing!
  6. Click Preview Content to see what your article will look like when it’s been published.
  7. When you’re satisfied with your article's content and appearance, click Submit for Review.
  8. Briefly describe your changes in the Submit your Changes box that appears. If you have more work to do, you can type in "Work in progress". If you're ready for feedback and review, you can type in "Ready for review".
    Submit article
  9. Press Submit.

The code below is an example of how text might appear in in the content section of an article, using the most common wiki markup. For an explanation of common markup used in KB articles, see the Markup cheat sheet. For lots more markup, see the Markup chart.

Introduction goes here.


=First section=
An unordered list:
*First item. For more information, see [[Name of article]]
*[[Name of article|Second item]]
*:[[Image:Name of image]]

{note}'''Note:''' This is an example of a note.{/note}

=Second section=
{for win}
A numbered list only "for" Windows users:
#First item
#Second item

{for mac}
A numbered list only "for" Mac users:
#First item
#Second item

{for linux}
A numbered list only "for" Linux users:
#First item
#Second item

{warning}'''Warning:''' This is an example of a warning.{/warning}

Article writing documentation

If you're interested in writing articles for Mozilla Support, here are some resources that should help explain how we do things:

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