Control Center - manage site privacy and security controls

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Please update your version of Firefox for the latest features and security updates.

The Control Center panel opens when you click the Site Info button button in the address bar. It lets you manage security and privacy settings for a website in one place. Use the Control Center to view information about a site and to make choices about site permissions, trackers or insecure content.

Connection security

When you visit a site, an icon will appear in your address bar to let you know if your connection to the site is fully secure.

http globe desktop green lock 42 blocked secure 42 orange triangle grey lock 42 unblocked mixed content 42

Click the icon to open the Control Center, which will show you detailed information about your connection to the website and the site's owner, as well as any insecure content that Firefox may be blocking on websites that are supposed to be secure.

control center 42

When you visit a website, a lock icon in the address bar will generally indicate that the connection to the site is fully secure. For more information about the connection's security, click the Site Info button button to open the Control Center. The top section of the panel shows you whether the current connection is classified as secure and if there is any insecure content that Firefox may be blocking on a website that is supposed to be secure otherwise.

To learn about the issuer of a certificate for a secure connection and – in case it is made available – about the website's owner, or to disable the blocking of insecure content on a site, click the right arrow on the Control Center.

Fx45 Control Center - Security

Tracking protection

When Tracking Protection is enabled, in Private Browsing the Control Center indicates whether or not a page contains elements that track you, in addition to information about your connection. Firefox’s Tracking Protection feature will automatically block these trackers in Private Browsing, and the Control Center allows you to disable the feature if needed.

  • No trackers detected
no trackers 42
Fx45 Control Center - No trackers
  • Trackers detected (with option to disable Tracking Protection)
Disable tracking protection 42
Fx45 Control Center - Disable Tracking Protection

See What happened to Tracking Protection? to learn more about these controls.


The Permissions section of the Control Center will display any special permissions you've granted to the website in the past and lets you adjust them on the spot.

Fx45 Control Center - Permissions

To edit any other permission for a site, click the right arrow on the Control Center and then click the More Information button. This will open the Page Info window, which contains a comprehensive permissions section.