Control Center - manage site privacy and security controls

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This is a new feature that is not yet available in released versions of Firefox. You can try it on Firefox Beta.

The Control Center lets you manage site security and privacy settings in one place. Use the Control Center to view information about a site and make choices about trackers and insecure content on that page.

control center panel 42

View security information about a site

When you visit a site, an icon will appear in your address bar to communicate security information about that site.

  1. Click the icon to bring up the Control Center:
    control center desktop 42
  2. Click the arrow to view more security information about the page.
    unblock mixed content 42
  3. The next panel will show you more details about your connection to a site.

Manage settings in the Control Center

The first panel will tell you whether or not Firefox has blocked insecure content or trackers.

Block insecure content

Firefox automatically blocks potentially insecure content that can be controlled by attackers. Clicking the arrow to expand the Control Center lets you view more details about a page and unblock insecure content.

disable protection 42
For more information, see Mixed content blocking in Firefox.

Tracking Protection

If a page has elements that track you, Firefox will automatically block these trackers in Private Browsing. The Control Center allows you to disable Tracking Protection, if you prefer.

Disable tracking protection 42
See What happened to Tracking Protection? for more information.