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[Fx87] Remove the Permissions section and move its content to a new article
in [en-US] Site Information panel
AliceWyman 2
by AliceWyman
The FxA page is the same for all Firefox versions
in [en-US] Secure your Firefox Account with two-step authentication
Mozinet 0
by Mozinet
Archive this article?
in [en-US] Re-enable add-ons that were disabled when updating Firefox
AliceWyman 1
by Fabi
Recent revisions
in [en-US] Compacting folders
AliceWyman 0
by AliceWyman
Still want to downgrade section: Old Version Warning
in [en-US] Install an older version of Firefox
Zppix 0
by Zppix
Archiving this article (was: Advanced Search going away)
in [en-US] Using Advanced Search
AliceWyman 1
by AliceWyman
VPN running status
in [en-US] Avoid and report Mozilla tech support scams
GMFletcher 0
by GMFletcher
Flash section should be re-written or linked to Flash EOL article
in [en-US] Frequently asked questions - Firefox add-on technology is modernizing
Artist 0
by Artist
Widevine no longer supports Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10
in [en-US] Watch DRM content on Firefox
AliceWyman 2
by AliceWyman
screenshots in it are stable
in [en-US] Adding screenshots
bingchuanjuzi 0
by bingchuanjuzi
Archiving this template
in [en-US] Template:aboutmixedcontent
AliceWyman 0
by AliceWyman
[Resolved] New title
in [en-US] Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles
AliceWyman 3
by AliceWyman
Finding your profile without opening Firefox ... DO NOT RENAME OR REMOVE this section!
in [en-US] Profiles - Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data
AliceWyman 0
by AliceWyman
2 pages for the Firefox Account
in [en-US] How do I update my payment information on Mozilla VPN?
Mozinet 0
by Mozinet
Sign into Pocket
in [en-US] Sign up for Pocket with your Firefox Account
AliceWyman 0
by AliceWyman
No "Clear now" button
in [en-US] Template:clearCookiesCache
YD 1
by AliceWyman
Background for new article
in [en-US] Text Encoding no longer available in the Firefox menu panel
AliceWyman 0
by AliceWyman
Why the split between Windows 10 and Android/iOS?
in [en-US] How do I request a refund for Mozilla VPN?
Mark Heijl 4
by Michele Rodaro
SQLite data used by the Multi-Account Containers extension
in [en-US] Multi-Account Containers
Graham Perrin 0
by Graham Perrin
I would like a kill-switch setting to switch on/off
in [en-US] What is the Mozilla VPN kill switch?
Joe 0
by Joe
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