Thunderbird and Yahoo

Yahoo! Service Offerings

Yahoo!'s services vary by availability and rate based on the country where you are located. In order to use Thunderbird with your Yahoo! account, your account must use the POP protocol.

As of April 2010:

  • In Canada and the USA, Yahoo! POP Access is not free. In these two countries, POP access requires payment. The service is called Yahoo! Mail Plus.
  • In other countries, Yahoo! POP access is free.

Yahoo! POP Settings

Refer to Yahoo!'s instructions for Accessing Yahoo! Mail using Mozilla Thunderbird.

Importing Yahoo!'s Contact List

To export your contact list from Yahoo! and import it into Thunderbird:

  1. On your Yahoo! Mail page, click on Options (in the upper right corner).
  2. Select Mail Options
  3. On the left side of the screen, select Contacts . You should now be in Address Book Options.
  4. Select Import/Export.
  5. Select Export Now (under Netscape/Thunderbird).
  6. Type the security code as shown and select export now. Save the yahoo_ab.ldif file to your desktop or some other place where you can find it later.
  7. Open Thunderbird.
  8. Under Tools, select Import and then Address Books.
  9. Select Text File LDIF................, then click Next.
  10. Select the yahoo_ab.ldif file that you previously saved.

Sync your calendar

If you have installed the Lightning add-on in Thunderbird, you can sync Lightning with your Yahoo! Calendar. It means that you will be allowed to read and write your Yahoo! Calendar directly in Lightning (and conversely).

  1. Create a new calendar by going to the File > New > Calendar menu.
  2. The wizard will ask where your calendar is located. Answer On the network.
  3. The wizard will then ask for the format you want to use to get access to the calendar. Choose CalDAV
  4. Next, enter<your_username>/Calendar/<your_calendar_name> into the Location bar.
    1. Replace <your_username> with the first part of your email address (everything before the @).
    2. Replace <your_calendar_name> with the name of your calendar. You will find it into the calendar's box on the left. Enter it, including the underscores.
  5. Click the Next button to continue the setup. Choose a name and a color for this calendar, and then you are done.

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